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Professional, Efficient and Cost-Effective

JHTS is a UK-based company offering top quality transcription of digital or analogue audio or video, serving clients both nationally and internationally.  

With prices starting at £0.90 per audio minute for straightforward dictation, and including editing and proofreading by both the transcriptionist and our QA team, we offer best value for money with a range of transcription service options at reasonable prices.

Our primarily web-based service also offers you savings in terms of time, with secure file uploads helping to minimise turnaround times.

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Professional - a wealth of experience

Cost effective - no employment costs

Per minute pricing - no hidden costs

Individual service - bespoke service

Confidential - total confidentiality

Security - secure digital file upload

JHTS has a 25-year proven track record within the transcription services industry. Many clients have come to us by word of mouth recommendation, and have stayed with us since, which speaks for itself.

Reputable - established in 1990

Why use JHTS?

If you can record it…

We have a transcription service for pretty much everything, digital or analogue. The only limit (apart from anything illegal, of course) is your imagination.  So, whether you need transcription of interviews or focus groups, PACE or under-caution interviews, face to face or telephone interviews, fraud interviews or even covert recordings, corporate events or board meetings,  lectures or conferences, advisory boards or presentations, webcasts/podcasts or broadcast media, or any other voice recording, you’ve come to the right place.


                … we can transcribe it!

Secure and confidential

JHTS provides totally confidential and secure transcription services. All recordings, irrespective of format or content, are handled with security and confidentiality in mind at all times.

All transcriptionists on our team sign a full and comprehensive confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.  JHTS are pleased to sign specific confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements at clients’ request.

Transcription projects are never outsourced to offshore back-office companies.

A leading supplier of professional transcription services in the UK for 25 years